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Dr. Jian Wang Visited Laos, Affirming Progress BGI Laos Has Made
Publish Date: 2010-11-03
From November 1 to 2, 2010, Dr. Jian Wang, Director of BGI, accompanied by Dr. Shuang Yang, Head of BGI-Laos, went to BGI branch in Laos. Dr Wang and Dr Yang visited BGI’s Demonstration Base (Vientiane, Sang thong Experiment & Demonstration Base) and the Agriculture Land.
They held meeting with General Logistics Department of the Lao Ministry of Defense and Lao's National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute. At the meeting, Dr Wang stressed the importance of integrating the science and technology strength of BGI, of making use of the local tropic natural resources such as sunlight, temperature, water and land, of speeding up correlational research on Maybou Wood, Hybrid Millet and Seed Pig, in order to form a Varieties Evaluation & Breeding Center with world's level.
Dr Wang also had further discussion with the General Logistics Department of the Lao Ministry of Defense. He encouraged the Lao government to bring Shenzhen Special Zone’s experiences in building Special Economic Zone of Laos, especially the innovative “Industry-science-research-education" model, aiming to help and set an example for Laos Special Economic Zone.
During the visit, Dr Wang fully affirmed the progress BGI-Laos had made in Maybou Wood Planting, Recycling Agriculture, and team building. BGI-Laos is planning to spread out thorough collaboration with partners from Southeast Asia in the field of sequencing service, bioinformation, medicine and healthcare, with the objective of creating open New Healthy Life, building innovative mode of production, and realizing BGI's faith of "Genes build the future".