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Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Met with BGI on Pathogen-Induced Cancers
Publish Date: 2017-09-28

On September 28, delegation from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center visited China National GeneBank.

The group, which included Deputy Director Bruce Clurman and the Head of Global Oncology, Edus “Hootie” Warren, discussed with team of BGI about their new Pathogen-Associated Malignancies Integrated Research Center, headed by Denise Galloway, whose research led to the HPV vaccine. During this visit, Dr. Galloway showed interest in the HPV research and large sample database of BGI and shared ideas with BGI scientists.

In the end, the center hoped to engage organizations like BGI in a global effort to prevent and cure cancers caused by pathogens. Cancers attributed to infections have much higher incidences in sub-Saharan Africa (one in three) and China (one in four), and Galloway’s center will focus on those regions.

BGI participants included Siqi Liu, BGI co-founder; Xun Xu, Director of BGI-Research and Executive Director of China National GeneBank ; Mao Mao, Chief Scientific Officer of BGI Genomics; and Shida Zhu, Deputy Director of BGI Research. BGI introduced its capabilities in cancer and pathogen-related research and sequencing technologies. Both sides expressed a wish to collaborate and affirmed a common interest in extending the benefits of cutting edge research and technology to more people around the world.


About Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

The Center was established in 1975 by Seattle surgeon Dr. William Hutchinson, brother of baseball player Fred Hutchinson, who died of cancer in 1964. Three Fred Hutch researchers have received the Nobel Prizes in medicine: Linda Buck (olfactory system), Lee Hartwell (regulation of cell cycle) and E. Donnall Thomas (bone marrow transplant).

Fred Hutch CEO Gary Gilliland and BGI Group Chairman Wang Jian met at the Microsoft CEO Summit in May 2017. Following that conversation, the Seattle team from BGI set up a meeting between BGI colleagues and the Fred Hutch leadership in Seattle in July. During this meeting, Fred Hutch expressed interest in visiting BGI headquarters and continuing the discussion about collaboration. As the world’s largest genomics organization, BGI can contribute on a global scale by leveraging its strengths in pathogen detection, cancer research and genomic sequencing to empower partners and work together to improve human health.