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Thai Minister of Science and Technology Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang Reached a Consensus with Co-founder and President of BGI Group Dr. Jian Wang
Publish Date: 2017-07-22

On July 22, 2017, Dr. Atchaka Sibunruang, the Thai Minister of Science and Technology together with high-profile delegates from both public and private sectors in Thailand visited the China National GeneBank (CNGB), the plant factory and the fisheries base in Shenzhen, and met with Dr. Jian Wang the co-founder and president of BGI Group.

The two sides exchanged their views and reached a consensus on future cooperation in fields covering population genome sequencing, bioethics, biodiversity research, and educational exchange. They also agreed on gene bank construction in Thailand.

 “Thailand has abundant natural resources and unique geographical advantages, which make it the best reference to study on biodiversity,” Dr. Wang commented. He also suggested to accelerate the process of cooperation between two sides.

Mr. Duncan Yu, the executive vice president of BGI Group and the director of BGI International Development Center, also raised a suggestion of inviting Thailand delegation to join the global cooperation alliance founded by BGI Group.   

“Genomics is a whole new area and provides great opportunity for technology research and development in Thailand”, Dr. Sibunruang said in the meeting, adding that the visit has offered her a clear picture of the powerful influences on human life brought by the emerging life science industry.

Representatives from BGI Group, including Dr. Hui Jiang, the chief operating officer of MGI, Dr. Gengyun Zhang, the vice president and chief scientist of BGI Agriculture Group, and Dr. Shida Zhu, the deputy director of BGI Research were present at the meeting, along with Dr. Doris Yang, the deputy director of BGI College, Mr. Jeremy Cao, the general manager of BGI-AP, as well as Mr. Jason Chen, the director of business development of CNGB to elaborate further collaboration in various areas through joint efforts.