The First International Meeting on the Synthetic Yeast Genome, Sc2.0
Publish Date: 2013-07-11

The First International Meeting on the Synthetic Yeast

Genome, Sc2.0

The first international meeting on the Synthetic yeast genome, Sc2.0 will be held at the Wenjin Hotel near Tsinghua University in Beijing, China on April 16-17, 2012. Welcome every people with previously expressed interest in the Sc2.0 project to this meeting.


Sponsored by the Yeung Center at Johns Hopkins University, BGI, Tsinghua University and the US National Science Foundation, this meeting aims to plan an international collaboration on the building world’s first synthetic eukaryotic genome. It will be attended by a group of international scientists interested in the project as well as funding agencies from the US, China, the U.K. and elsewhere.


For more information on the project please see the web site www.syntheticyeast.org.


Looking forward to your participation and seeing you in Beijing.





Day1Sunday 15th April 2012

8:00-24:00    Check in Wenjin Hotel

18:00-22:00   Casual Wine/Dim Sum Reception: Wenjin Hotel 2nd Floor

Day2Monday 16th April 2012

7:00-09:00   Breakfast

Wenjin Hotel 2nd Floor

9:00-12:20   Session 1.  Introduction to Sc2.0

Multifunction Room on 4th Floor, Wenjin Hotel

Chair: Parag R. ChitnisNSF, USA

12:20–13:30  Buffet Lunch, Wenjin Hotel 2nd Floor

13:00-17:10  Session 2. Participant research program overviews

Multifunction Room on 4th Floor, Wenjin Hotel

Chair: Jef BoekeJohns Hopkins University

     17:15–18:00  PanelDiscussion(moderated by Jef Boeke)

Multifunction Room on 4th Floor, Wenjin Hotel

Panel Members: Funding Agencies; YJ Yuan, Junbiao Dai, Huanming Yang, King Chow, Tom Ellis, Patrick Cai, Alistair Elfick, Andre Goffeau

     18:50 Meeting at Hotel Lobby

Walking to Banquet Restaurant

     19:00 Meeting Banquet

QuanJuDe Beijing Duck Restaurant

1F TusPark, Zhongguancun East Road

No endangered species will be served!

Day3-Tuesday 17th April 2012(Optional)


Breakfast at Wenjin Hotel 2nd Floor

                        09:00-12:00 Genome Design Jamboree

Tsinghua University, Biotechnology Bldg, Rm2-201.


Johns Hopkins University,


Tianjin University,

Tsinghua University,

and other people who are interested in.

15:00     Adjournment