In 2010
April 27, 2010 BGI Americas was founded.
In 2011
Oct 25, 2011 Partnered with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, BGI@CHOP conducted large-scale human genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis at a newly established, state-of-the-art Joint Genome Center at CHOP.
November, 2011  Partnered with UC Davis, BGI@UC Davis established a state-of-the-art BGI sequencing facility BGI@UC Davis Joint Genome Center on the UC Davis Health System campus in Sacramento.
In 2012
August, 2012 BGI Research@Americas was registered in Maryland as BGI’sfirst nonprofit research organization in the Americas.
Sept 27, 2012 The 1st International Conference on Genomics in the Americas (ICG-Americas 2012) was held in Philadelphia, PA. More than 400 participants, including global industry thought leaders, prominent researchers and top policy makers of genomics Industry attended the event.
In 2013
March 18, 2013 Completed the acquisition of Complete Genomics, Inc. (formerly NASDAQ: GNOM), an innovative leader in accurate whole human genomic sequencing.