Senior Researcher

Business Unit: BGI Research

Location: Shenzhen, China

Job Summary

BGI is seeking a Senior Researcher with a PhD degree with hands-on experience in the areas of tumors, metagenomics, agriculture and evolution. The qualified researcher should have a comprehensive understanding of the fields and insight into the latest research directions. The researcher will also assist and create articles forproject collaborations.

Duties and Responsibilities

-          Conduct research in genomics, pharmacology and pathology.

-          Engage in developing core technology and in advancing science in tumors, metagenomics, agriculture and evolution.

-          Ability to identify key issues and mobilize different resources to solve critical technical problems.

-          For assigned projects, taking control and have the understanding of requirements, monitoring the  progression, and achieving the projects objectives with high efficiency and quality.

-          Coordinate and manage laboratory processes and draft technical project documents.

-          Participate and monitor laboratory researches.


-          PhD in Biogenetics, Genomics, Medicine, Clinical Medicine or Agriculture.

-          3+ years of research experience in tumors, metagenomics, agriculture or evolution preferred.

-          Proficient with experimental design in bioinformatics, molecular biology and cell biology.

-          Demonstrated good reasoning skills and communication to scientific and business inquiries.

-          Strong learning agility and problem solving skills.

-          Able to design and implement experimental programs independently.


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