Summary: We know that every BGIer is integral to our success.

1.       Yang Huanming (co-founder and Chairman of BGI China)

2.       Manfredi San Germano – Business Development

When I am asked what it is like to work for BGI, let alone a Chinese company, I always bring up the perks before talking about the job itself. Due to this fast changing industry, growing NGS industrial applications and the technology innovation beating Moore’s law, BGI is a platform for opportunity. As one of the top 3 most innovative companies in China we are constantly presented with new initiatives and ideas which gives us the opportunity to work on projects that we most care for, thus giving everyone their chance to shine.

3.       Su Hang– Recruiter

Working for BGI is exciting. Working here means you can contribute to better human life every second. You can develop your talents and enjoy work flexibility. It is great!!! We at BGI are looking for a variety of word-class talented individuals with the passion for exploring the mystery of genes. Come on! Let's start with great work in genomics and make a difference for human life!




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