Summary: As the largest genome sequencing center in the world, BGI provides comprehensive sequencing and bioinformatics services for medical, agricultural and environmental applications.

BGI is conducting global research through scientific and technological dominance, its overall leadership and an introduction to its culture has transformed BGI into one of the world’s leading genetics researcher companies worldwide. At the center of BGI’s scientific advancement in the 21st century, geneticists are immersed in exciting science, technology, and medical breakthroughs every day. The opportunities are numerous to contribute to the advancement of science, the care of patients, and the teaching of the next generation of genetics professionals. One must be ready to make a commitment in time, energy, and focus to be a successful geneticist, but the rewards are enormous. What’s more exciting and energizing than working in the field of genomics sequencing?


BGI gives every employee a chance rise up and be the person they truly want to be, if its working in HR or being a leading a senior metabolomics scientist. BGI is passionate at understanding its employee’s needs and demands and with BGI offering a healthy benefits system this is really the place to be. 




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