BGI Asia-Pacific team was founded in the end of 2012. As an international team covering the Asia-Pacific region, we provide sequencing-based genetic services to almost one half of the world’s population and make great contributions to the globalization of BGI.

As a part of the world’s largest genomics institute specializing in genomics research and clinical applications, BGI Asia is engaged in providing genomics, bioinformatics and other Next-Generation sequencing based clinical services to the public. At present, our genetic services offer various tests for reproductive health (Non-invasive Trisomy Test, PGD/PGS, etc), newborn screening (Hearing Impairment, Autism, Metabolic Disorders, etc), cancer (Breast/Ovarian Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, etc), pathogenic microorganisms (HPV, HCV, HBV, etc), HLA typing , pharmacogenomics and more.

Life-cycle solutions is another service BGI Asia provides, it cover a variety of areas including both human-related research and clinical applications. Until now, we already built up stable relationship with many medical institutions, top hospitals, third-party agencies and biotech companies. Relying on the academic strength and professional clients-oriented attitude, BGI-health has gained excellent reputation worldwide.

With the state-of-the-art sequencing equipment, technology and knowhow in genomic research, BGI Asia focuses on developing genomics/bioinformatics methodologies and technologies, and offering clinical and genomics services to the Asia-Pacific region. Our mission is to make the genetic tests available, accessible and affordable to the general population with global collaborations, thus reduce the incidence of birth defects and eradicate certain human diseases.

BGI Health Asia-Pacific team is currently divided into four sections in charge of four different parts of the Asia-Pacific region, respectively. 

Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asia team of BGI Asia covers a series of regions including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. Teaming up with leading universities/institutes and top hospitals in the Southeast Asia region, we provid cutting-edge clinical genetic tests and medical research collaboration/services.

South Asia:

South Asia team covers India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. Relying on the advanced technologies on genetic testing and strong research background of BGI, the team provides latest clinical services to countries in South Asia region. Up to now, South Asia team has already built up partnership with many leading medical institutions and biotech companies, thus gained great reputations in clinical excellence.

Middle East:

The Middle East is a region composed of southern and eastern Mediterranean countries, covering an area from eastern Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf. Through the hard work of the team, BGI Health had already set up collaborations in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Iraq and other countries. So far, thousands of pregnant women from Middle East have benefited from BGI’s NIFTY service, screening for chromosomal aneuploidy starting from the 10th week of pregnancy. Meanwhile, BGI also focuses on the screening and diagnosis of monogenic diseases, cancer, autism and other genetic tests.


Oceania region includes Australia and New Zealand, two highly developed countries with advanced economic, scientific and medical standards. Based on the state-of-the-art technology, BGI Asia provides NIFTY service and other genetic testing to the region with high quality and reliability. BGI Asia has established stable relationship with many local hospitals.

Hong Kong:

In July 2010, BGI HongKong was officially established. With over 100 units of high throughput sequencers, it has the highest sequencing capacity in the world.

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BGI Japan was founded at the end of the year 2010 with its headquarter in Kobe.It is another business region after BGI Americas, BGI Europe and BGI Asia pacific.BGI Japan provides quality-ensured services with short turnaround time.

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BGI Laos was founded in 2007 with mission of supporting the national "going out" strategy and exploring innovative development modes, BGI Laos propose to combine the natural resources of Laos and BGI’s leading biotechnology to develop cooperations in Agriculture, Healthcare and other possible fields, together with Lao partners to advancing bioindustry development of Laos.

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