BGI aims to develop into an international organization, to respond to promoting the collaboration opportunities between Hong Kong and Shenzhen based the call from Chinese Government and to utilize the support of the local high tech industry from Hong Kong government. In March 2009, BGI and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) collaboratively established the CUHK-BGI Genome Research Center to initiate the research collaboration.

From then on, BGI developed a high profile research and development platform to apply genomics technologies into healthcare. This R&D platform has successfully developed tests and screenings that are integrated into healthcare services.

In July 2010, BGI HongKong was officially established. With over 100 units of high throughput sequencers, it has the highest sequencing capacity in the world.In addition to the astonishing sequencing capacity, BGI HongKong also has a genetic data processing and bioinformatics center, proteomics research platform, clinical analysis center, and financial center to provide the best service to researchers and collaborators from all around the world.

Newspaper article on CUHK-BGI clinical genomics sequencing collaboration memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing ceremony by Wen Wei Po (Hong Kong Media)

The BGI-owned property in Tai Po Industrial Estate has a total area of 8,000 square metresBGI HongKong has over 90 employees. There are close to 80 units of HiSeq 2000 sequencers capable of generating a total of 3.85Tb per 24 hours.


Sequencing Laboratory

Currently, the sequencing laboratory and the computational platform are operational. The next step is to expand into an international service center, complete with an international genomic data processing center.

At the same time, BGI HongKong is actively collaborating with local research teams to provide technical services and expertise to develop and expand into the healthcare industry. BGI HongKong is diligently supporting and pushing the Hong Kong biotech industry to new heights and breakthroughs.

Due to Hong Kong’s geographical location and its unique history as a former British colony, BGI HongKong is BGI’s linkage with the rest of the world. BGI HongKong acts as BGI’s world logistic center, information center, and a hub for the exchanges of ideas.


July, 2011, CUHK-BGI Innovation Institute of Trans-omics established.

July, 2011, BGI HongKong’s International Sample Receiving Center started operation.

July, 2011, The 1st healthcare service specimen delivered to BGI HongKong for sequencing.

August, 2011, BGI HongKong expanded its services to Macau, China.

November, 2012BGI Genomics Research Institute-Hong Kong established.

December, 2012, “Joint Laboratory Collaboration MOU” signed with Genomics, Taiwan.

December, 2012, BGI TECH SOLUTIONS (HONGKONG) CO., LIMITED established.

March, 2013Inborn error of metabolism (IEM) newborn testing service agreement signed with CUHK.

Business and Operations

BGI Hongkong is divided into 2 entities, BGI Tech Solutions (Hong Kong) and BGI Diagnosis (HK). Tech Solutions is responsible for providing local and overseas researchers with outstanding and convenient sequencing services. Health is responsible for translating successful and innovative R&D projects into mature genetic-based clinical testing and services to benefit the general public.

In November, 2012, BGI Genomics Research Institute-Hong Kong was established. It allows for close collaboration among Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan researchers and experts. It also allows the research institute to apply for funding from government grants and other research funds to initiate collaborative research. 


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Genomics BioSci & Tech, Taiwan