BGI Laos was founded in 2007 with mission of supporting the national "going out" strategy and exploring innovative development modes, BGI Laos propose to combine the natural resources of Laos and BGI’s leading biotechnology to develop cooperations in Agriculture, Healthcare and other possible fields, together with Lao partners to advancing bioindustry development of Laos.

In 2007, BGI-LAOS CO. ,LTD was officially established. Since then, BGI Laos has built 4 Agricultural base(including Sangthong,Thoulakhom,Nam Souang and Laos-China Demonstration Park of Modern Agricultural Science) with a total area of 50.5 hectares, and carried out breeding or seed selection experiments of 30 species(over 110 varieties such as rice, balsa wood, Sacha Inchi,etc.). Depends on these work, BGI Laos has accumulated valuable experiences for Laos bioindustry development.

BGI Laos has established stable relationship with Lao ministry of Ministry of Science and Technology, Lao Ministry of National Defense, Lao Ministry of Health and many other local government departmentsor institutes. All parties agree that combine the natural resources of Laos and BGI’s leading biotechnology is a good way to help lao solve its development problems, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

Laos is a staging base of BGI’s globalization, in the future, BGI Laos will plan on a tighter integration with the abundant natural resources of Southeast Asia and our own technology, step by step to build up the World-advanced Breeding Center, cooperate with partners of Southeast Asia to realize industrialization in modern agriculture,  environmental protection, renewable energy and healthcare. 


BGI Laos and the Lao Ministry of 

Science and Technology signed MOU

BGI Laos and the Biotechnology and 

Ecology Institute of Lao Ministry of 

Science and Technology signed a contract

BGI Laos and the Lao Ministry of National 

Defense signed a contract 

BGI and the Institut Pasteur of Laos have 

signed a strategic cooperation agreement

BGI and the Institute of Tranditional Medicine

 of Lao Ministry of Health signed MOU

BGI and China National GeneBank support Lao 

Ministry of Health to publish The Medicnal Plants 

and Herbs in the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic