Popular Science Education

BGI has always valued bioethics. The objectives of our public education is to promote BGI's social responsibility and its value on bioethics of scientific research and its application; to promote genetic knowledge and to rectify the misunderstandings on genetic application among general public. Currently we are running PgEd(Personal Genomics Education Project); to start collaboration on international genetic technology education as a co-initiator), Middle school camps, and collaboration with middle schools, that is to set up lab, open courses and lectures etc..

Summer Programs

Summer internship program

BGI College provides a one-month internship program for second and third year students of China's key universities majoring in Biology, Science and Computing; Outstanding students abroad will also be taken in for short-term internship.

With a learning mode of Intense training+Hands-on operation, this program allows students to learn about BGI and the cutting-edge technology of life science through projects-oriented classes. This is also a way to recruit talented fresh blood for BGI and its joint program.

The program has been successfully held for 4 times since 2009 with a student number of over 600; application for the yr2013 program has been finished and we welcome students who are interested in life science.

Summer camp (for high school students)

BGI College also provides summer camp (1-2 weeks, from July to August ) for Year 1 and Year 2 students from key high schools and it tries to bring out students' interest on life science and to promote science education with a hope of spotting young talents at a early stage. The camp offers talks given by experts and hands-on operation.

The program was successfully held from yr2012. 13 students from key high schools (eg. Shenzhen Middle School ) have taken part in the summer camp.