Bioinformatics Training

BGI started providing Bioinformatics training from 2005 and has successful held over 100 sections, attracting over 3000 domestic and 300 international participants.

The trainings include Cutting-edge/hot courses, Classic case-study courses, Skills and operation courses and Customized courses.

Medical related training

This is a collaboration with Health Human Resources Development Center of the Ministry of Health, and it provides cutting-edge genomics knowledge for clinicians so as to improve their skills; it serves also as a platform for them to communicate with each other. I type credits on medicine re-education are given on completion the training.

Genetic Counselor Training

The training courses are taught by world known experts, and cerfiticates will be gained on completion of the training which are issued by the Ministry of Health, and I-type credits of medicine re-education will be given on completion the training.

Genetic Counselor is characterized as clinical medicine counselor and health care professionals. They provide all-rounded customized genetic and heredity counseling services for their clients on their interest issues.