Mass range502000 amu200 ~ 4000 amu

  Resolving power of > 60,000 m/z 400

  Mass accuracy better than 1 ppm RMS

  Dynamic range: achieve 4 orders 


  Combinines three different and complementary fragmentation techniques—ECD, HCD—with the proven benefits of Orbitrap* technology

  Offers a comprehensive solution for complex PTM analysis, intelligent sequencing of peptides, top-down and middle-down analysis, and protein quantitation via stable isotope labelling such as TMT*, iTRAQ* or label-free quantitation

  Highly confident peptide identification using multiple activation types and Data Dependent Decision Tree

  High-throughput sequencing applications with parallel acquisition capabilities

  Quantitation over a wide dynamic range, including low abundance peptides 


•  Targeted quantitative proteomics

•  Identification of metabolites

•  Environmental

•  Clinical research

•  Food and beverage research