Because Orbitrap and Q-TOF mass spectrometer has high resolution and mass accuracy , it can improve the reliability of protein identification in complex samples, and minimize the false positive rate. Ensure more protein is identified  

We now have LTQ Obitrap VelosQ Exactiveand AB SCIEX QTRAP® 5600


  Mass range502000 amu200 ~ 4000 amu

  Resolving power of > 60,000 m/z 400

  Mass accuracy better than 1 ppm RMS

  Dynamic range: achieve 4 orders 


  Combinines three different and complementary fragmentation techniques—ECD, HCD—with the proven benefits of Orbitrap* technology

  Offers a comprehensive solution for complex PTM analysis, intelligent sequencing of peptides, top-down and middle-down analysis, and protein quantitation via stable isotope labelling such as TMT*, iTRAQ* or label-free quantitation

  Highly confident peptide identification using multiple activation types and Data Dependent Decision Tree

  High-throughput sequencing applications with parallel acquisition capabilities

  Quantitation over a wide dynamic range, including low abundance peptides 


•  Targeted quantitative proteomics

•  Identification of metabolites

•  Environmental

•  Clinical research

•  Food and beverage research


  Resolving power up to 140,000

  Maximum scan speed 12Hz

  Intra-scan dynamic range > 5000:1

  Quadrupole mass filter

  Mass Accuracy  Internal: <1ppm RMS External: <5ppm RMS 


With a fast scan speed and multiplexing capabilities, the Q Exactive mass spectrometer is an outstanding detector for fast chromatography separation techniques. The superior quality of Q Exactive MS/MS data enables identification and quantitation of more compounds with greater confidence,Resolving power is up to 140,000 FWHM.

The Q Exactive LC-MS/MS system not only offers broad screening capabilities but also excels at targeted quantitation experiments, making it a versatile addition to any laboratory. Fast alternating positive/negative scan modes allow for the most comprehensive approaches


  Targeted quantitative proteomics

  drug metabolism

  environmental analysis

  food safety

•  toxicology and clinical research applications.


  100 HZ Acquisition speed Capable of 10 ms accumulation time in MS/MS, which allows for broad coverage of complex protein mixtures

  High resolutionUp to 40000 at all speeds

  High resolutionat unparalleled speed - up to 40,000 FWHM with 10 msec accumulation time

  Wide linear dynamic rangeUp to 4 orders


  EasyMassTM Accuracy without continuous recalibration - over 50 hours of continuous LC/MS operation provides <2 ppm RMS

  SmartSpeedTM 100Hz Acquisition delivering high-resolution for high-speed chromatography - up to 100 spectra in a second or 50 spectra in a second while maintaining intelligent real-time data filtering (IDA).

•  Most sensitive high resolution system - lowest limits of quantitation (LOQ) for a high resolution system and equivalent to high-performance triple quads.


  Food safety

  Environmental monitoring

  Clinical research

  Metabonomics research