Attain the highest level of mass spectrometry performance with the new ultrafleXtreme. Combining true 2 kHz speed in TOF mode and 1 kHz in TOF/TOF mode with ultrahigh performance and extreme flexibility for a broad variety of complementary research, clinical and applied proteomics applications.

Instrument performance and characteristics

The innovative smartbeam-II™ laser enables ultra-high data acquisition speed in both MS and MS/MS at full systems performance.

 Bruker's patented smartbeam technology is already widely accepted as the most viable MALDI imaging laser technology. The new ultrafleXtreme now enables laser focus diameters down to 10 µm for high spatial resolution imaging without pixel overlap. Importantly, outstanding spectral quality and signal intensity are maintained at even the smallest laser beam diameters.

Broadband mass resolving power up to 40,000 enables precision proteomics via Bruker’s unique PAN™ technology for highest mass resolution across a very broad mass range, not just at a selected optimum.

The novel FlashDetector™ combined with a minimum of 4 GHz digitizer and latest advances in electronics provide unmatched mass resolving power up to 40,000 and 1 ppm mass accuracy for highest confidence.

The novel and unique laser-irradiation self-cleaning Ion Source ensures robust, long-term highest-performance operation.

•  Latest TOF/TOF technology: The high efficiency and sensitivity of the LID-LIFT process delivers MS/MS spectra with nominal mass resolution for peptides.

As a result, proteins can be identified with high confidence with unmatched ease. Smart combination of technological features is key for ultrafleXtreme top-performance.


Molecular histology



Protein modification