•  Mass range22048 Da

  •  Scan spreadup to 10,000 Da/sec

  •   Quality stability< ± 0.05 amu/24h

  •   Response liner5 orders

  •   Polarity switching in 20 ms

  •   MS to MS/MS switching in 3 ms

  •   Switching between ESI and APCI in 20ms


Engineered SimplicityTMExcellent performance and system versatility.      • StepWaveXevo TQ-S owns the unique innovation ion source technology, can improve the sensitivity level of the UPLC / MS / MS.

• ScanWaveInnovative technology to provide fast, high-quality, UPLC compatible with MS / MS data acquisition.

• RADARAn information enrichment acquisition method, can collect information about the target compound having a highly specific quantitative data, while at the same visual display of the information of all other components.

Versatility: Wide range of ionization ability adaptability, applicable to a variety of analytical applications.


• Regulated bioanalysis

• ADME screening

• Food safety

• Environmental monitoring

• Clinical

• Forensic

• Newborn screening

• Targeted quantitative proteomics