• Mass range: 2 to 2048 Da.

• Scan speed: Up to 10,000 Da/sec.

• Quality stability< ± 0.1 amu/24h 


Automated system checks and simplified user interface for ease-of-use.

Optimized MS/MS detection for demanding quantitative applications.

Rapid data acquisition rates for the best in accuracy and reproducibility of chromatographic peak area measurement.

Robust ZSpray™ atmospheric pressure ionization interface.

Versatile range of ionization options.

Industry-leading multimode capability in a single run.

Automated instrument optimization and quantitative method development tools.

Smallest MS/MS footprint that sits easily on your laboratory benchtop.


• Regulated bioanalysis

• ADME screening

• Food safety

• Environmental monitoring

• Clinical

• Forensic Applications

• Newborn screening

• Targeted quantitative proteomics