Mass range5~1000 Da

  Resolution:>12,000 FWHMTrap);

  Sensitiveup to 9 times increase in trapup to 100-fold increase in trap scan MS/MS sensitivity

   Scan speedup to 2400 Da/secQQQ),up to 20,000 Da/secTrap);

  Polarity switching in 50 ms


QJet® ion guide Optimized design yields better ion containment and operates at high pressure, providing better collisional focusing to enhance ion transmission for ultimate sensitivity.

The newly designed Qurved LINAC® high-pressure collision cell accelerates ions through the collision cell, increases speed of analysis and eliminates cross-talk.

 Q3 linear ion trap greatly improves the extraction efficiency to yield up to a 100 x gain in sensitivity in ion trap scan modes.

• A new and improved patented technologies fast eQ™ electronics combines with a powerful new generation of Analyst® software makes a robust, high throughput platform and a new level of quantitative performance in a reliable, easy-to-use system.

• Turbo V™ source provides high-sensitivity analysis over a wide range of flow rates with quick-change APCI and TurboIonSpray® probes.Delivering unprecedented desolvation and stability for even the toughest high-flow applications utilized to drive productivity.


Designed to deliver the highest level of sensitivity and robustness for even the most complex matrices, the Triple Quad 5500 excels at multi-component quantitation.

• Environmental

• Food and beverage research

Targeted quantitative proteomics

• Identification of metabolites

Clinical research

DMPK and ADMET studies

• Proteomics research