BGI North Region makes great performance in integrating producing, teaching and research, builds up a professional team of rich talent with international vision in scientific research and industry.

1.    Strong strength in integrating producing, teaching and research

BGI was founded on September 9, 1999 in Beijing Airport Industrial zone, subjected to the Human Genome Project at that time. From 1999 to 2007, BGI continued to grow and develop, made a tremendous number of accomplishments, such as International HapMap Project, rice genome project, silkworm genome project, chicken genome project, anti-SARS research and other great projects with high quality, which achieved glory for the country. With the completion of these projects, BGI created an integrative system, named as ‘The Three-joint Wheels’, constructed a world-class level and younger research team, and built a high-throughput sequencing, bioinformatics, proteomics, and gene test platform. Now, North China of BGI takes the task of being the main base of the BGI Sanger sequencing as well as vanguard of the development of health industry.

2.    Excellent Team

BGI North Region pays much attention on practical experience and innovation capacity. Taking advantages of the region's rich educational resources, it explores an innovative training model, which is called "2 +2 + X" for short. Gradually it establishes its own team which composes creative talents of more than ten years experience. Furthermore, the “2 +2 + X” model promotes the talents situation in this region, which is admired by the public.

3.    Industrial Distribution

BGI North Region has established more than a dozen companies, which had adopted a series of international and domestic certification. Among them, the Beijing Genomics Institute Co., Ltd., Beijing Liuhe BGI Tech Co.Ltd., Center of Forensic SciencesBGI, and BGI protein research center Co. Ltd. have successfully obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification. BGI Tianjin Medical Laboratory Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the "Medical Institution" and awarded the accreditation of clinical PCR laboratory.

The business of North China of BGI includes sequencing and its extended application, such as genome sequencing technology services, clinical testing, judicial evidence identification, the R & D and manufacture of diagnostic reagents, and the research and service of protein, etc.

4.    International View

BGI North Region has become a key region in the field of R&D and industry, which centers in Beijing and covers the North China now. In the past ten years, BGI North Region has established long-term stable cooperation with many universities, research institutes and hospital. With the deepening of life science research, North China of BGI will explore new cooperation and new cooperation modes, try to be one of the leadership of domestic and international life science research.