Being the origin of BGI, BGI Beijing was founded on September 9, 1999 in Beijing Airport Industrial Zone, subjected to the Human Genome Project at that time. From 1999 to 2007, BGI-Beijing continued to grow and develop, made a tremendous number of accomplishments, such as International HapMap Project, rice genome project, silkworm genome project, chicken genome project, anti-SARS research and other great projects with high quality, which achieved glory for the country. BGI Beijing has successed in developing its own complete training system and reasonable performance evaluation mechanism, built up a strong team with hundreds of staff members. Beijing BGI-GBI Biotech Co,Ltd and BGI protein research center Co,Ltd have acquired the designation of High and New Technology Enterprises. As the BGI Unicare Technology Co.,Ltd established, BGI North Region will divide itself into developing health and biotechnology with the advantage of its area policy and promoting the small  small medium science innovative enterprise as its main force.


Pipette consumed during Human Genome Project (Volume: China), BGI Beijing.
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