Shenzhen transomics bioinformatics core technology Key Laboratory was established in 2011 under the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commission approval. The core research direction of this laboratory is to develop multi-core research direction genomics bioinformatics core integration technology, to take a series of important life sciences problem for systematic study, mainly including: (1) Genomics Research: the main R & D sequence assembly and alignment methods, different genome genetic variation detection methods, different genomic level of "omics" analysis techniques; (2) Genomics association studies: development of appropriate genomics, genomics and characters and other aspects related research strategy; complex disease genome-wide association analysis, macro genome association analysis methods; (3) Genomics system integration research: research and development, including through group learning system integrated research strategy, biological systems modeling and recognition. Research directions including: developing more integrated genomics bioinformatics core technologies, from a system perspective at all levels of the life process, a series of important issues for life science research system.