Focusing on marine organisms, researchers in the Marine and Fisheries Institute (MFI) are working on aquaculture and molecular breeding, microbes, medicine, pest control, biodiversity and conservation, environmental protection and ecological improvement by means of high-throughput omics and modern biotechnology.

Aquaculture and Molecular Breeding

Researching aquaculture and molecular breeding of economically important marine fish, shrimp and shellfish, and carry out industrial development of water aquaculture.

Marine Drugs and Marine Bioengineering

By using biotechnology to express enzyme, bio-functional protein and peptide, we are aimed at exploiting functional foods, health care products and drugs. Through establishing model animals(zebra fish etc.) and a cell culture system, we are launching high-throughput functional identification of important genes.

Development and utilization of marine microorganisms

We are currently developing and utilizing microalgae biomass energy, biological activity material industrialization, developing  functional food and health care products and studying deep sea and polar microbial.

Protection of marine resources and environment and ecological construction

We are participating in offshore marine disaster prediction and prevention, Shenzhen bay mangrove protection of biological resources, the Dayawan nuclear power plant low-level radioactive wastewater biological detection and purification, national endangered aquatic genetic resources protection and species conservation. 

Marine biology lab Aquarium

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