BGI oligo and gene synthesis platform provides custom modified DNA oligo and gene synthesis services. We have the world's leading 192-type high-throughput synthesis instrument and the ABI's low-throughput synthesizer, to meet a large number of general oligos and Modifications and Labeling synthesis requires. Now, Currently we can synthesize more than 1,000 oligos, synthesis of up to 100,000 daily bases. Gene Synthesis Service is based BGI's own high-quality primer, combined with extensive practical experience in experimental and service team that can help you to quickly and accurately complete routine and special structural gene gene synthesis.

Production Sites

We are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou production base can conveniently serve you synthetic products to ensure rapid delivery.

Figure 1  Oligo Synthesizer

Figure 2  Principle of custom Oligo Synthesis

Receiving ordersà Import Information SystemàSynthesisàPurification

àQuantitative detectionàAliquotà Drying and packagingà Delivery

Figure 3  Procedure of Oligo Synthesis

DNA sequences analysisàAmplificationàScreeningàCloningàDNA sequencingàlyophilized plasmid

Figure 4  Procedure of Gene Synthesis

Tyep of Service

Different purity and Synthesis Scales of ordinary 5-60mer custom DNA primer synthesis

0-90mer long oligos synthesis

Comprehensive Modifications and Labeling

Gene Synthesis (20bp-10Kbp)

Gene optimization (for free)

Subcloning and Mutagenesis service

Techinical Features

Rigorous laboratory management system that will minimize the risk of human error;

Synthesis process done automatically by the instrument, the use of high-quality ammonia deprotection, reduce outside interference, to ensure the purity synthetic;

Source material quality, combined with strict process control and detection by MASS and HPLC to ensure the synthetic effect;

Gene synthesis products will be double verified by sequencing and restriction digestion, to ensure that every one gene sequences with 100% accuracy.

Rapid and timely delivery. Synthetic fastest ship within 24 hours, the gene 5 days delivery.

As your trusted partner to our customers property strict secrecy.

Main applications

Our oligo DNA is widely used in PCR, RT-PCR, SSR, gene synthesis, mutations, and most molecular biology experiments;

gene synthesis is used to obtain a variety of interest to you and not easily obtained using conventional methods such as genes and novel genes.