On January 12, 2004, according to the voting of Chinese academician from CAS and CAE, the key scientific and technological project of SARS ranked third in the 2003 Chinese National Top 10 Scientific and Technological Advances and World Top 10 Scientific and Technological Advances.

On March 1, 2004, the working frame map of Chick was completed.

On September 28, 2004, in the Special Report released by Science and Technology Daily, there were 55 Firsts on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of Chinese Science and Technology, including the first working frame map of human genome in the International Human Genome Project, the first detailed map of rice genome and the first working frame map of domestic silkworm.

On November 9, 2004, CAS held the press conference on ‘The International Chick Genome Project’, the academic paper of which was published on Nature.

On November 30, 2004, Center of Forensic Sciences, BGI sent a rescue team to identify the DNA of casualty in the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

In the year of 2004, the academic papers of the chick and domestic silkworm genome projects were published on Science and Nature.