BGI Plays an Active Part in the Construction of the “Belt and Road”

BGI Group Plays an Active Part in the Construction of the “Belt and Road”

The “Storage, Reading and Writing” of genes is a scientific cornerstone and engine of life science innovation into the future, with the promise of significantly improving the health of people in both developed and developing countries along the “Belt and Road.” As the world’s leading R&D and genomics organization, BGI Group has accelerated efforts in the “Belt and Road” initiative, following its participation in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in May.

On June 8, BGI Group was invited to attend a seminar focusing on the construction of the “Belt and Road” in Shenzhen. As a “leading Shenzhen-based enterprise” BGI Group has a powerful brand and can leverage cutting-edge technology to address essential issues of human development, including sanitation, health and agriculture. With its own extensive sequencing platform, strengths in low-cost and efficient technologies, and model of cultivating local talent to help develop the life science industry in various countries, BGI Group supports people in countries along the “Belt and Road” to achieve the goal of “healthy birth, fewer diseases.” BGI Group has carried out a number of population projects in gene detection across several provinces and municipalities in China, which are accessible to everyone and benefit all, representing a reproducible and successful model for cooperation between countries along the “Belt and Road.” As a result, BGI Group has also increased its expertise as an international gene hub and has begun to create a global community, reaching out from its base in Shenzhen to build itself into an international demonstration site along the “Belt and Road” to contribute to the global development of life science.

On June 15, representatives of BGI Group were warmly welcomed by Zhang Xiaoqiang, Executive Vice President and Director of the Executive Board of China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE), Xu Chaoyou, Director-General of the Department of Exchange of CCIEE, Li Jinbo, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Industrial Planning.. As a follow up to the Belt and Road Forum, Zhang Xiaoqiang heard BGI Group’s report on its activities and vision around the construction of the “Belt and Road,” and provided his feedback on how to promote the implementation of various tasks in the next stage, noting that BGI Group’s vision for the construction of the “Belt and Road” aligns with the nation’s strategic direction.

BGI Group remains focused on strengthening genomics-based precision medicine, improving the diagnostic ability of local medical institutions, supporting birth defect screening, and stepping up the prevention of genetic diseases and infectious diseases in local communities, in order to promote the health of local people. In line with the requirements of the Belt and Road Forum, BGI Group will carry out related key projects, including establishing gene banks and cell centers, preserving marine resources, and building overseas innovation centers, and international gene consortia.