The Crop Trust Discusses Further Collaboration with BGI in Crop Diversity

The Crop Trust Discusses Further Collaboration with BGI Group in Crop Diversity

On June 2, Marie Haga, Executive Director of The Crop Trust, and Luigi Guarino, Director of Science and Technology Division of The Crop Trust, met with Liu Yingjie, COO of BGI Agro Group, and Kong Ao, Head of Public Communication and Public Affairs Department of Shenzhen BGI Technology Limited and other representatives from BGI Group to discuss cooperation in protection of global crop diversity. The meeting in Beijing included Li He, China’s Project Officer elect to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Bao Shuzheng, Deputy Division Chief of the Chinese Association of Agricultural Science Societies (CAASS). Liu Yingjie introduced the achievements BGI Group has made in crop breeding, agricultural resources protection and food safety, and expressed hope that BGI Group and The Crop Trust work together to protect global crop diversity. Kong Ao also presented a number of activities related to biodiversity during BGI Group’s recent visit to Americas, saying that BGI Group has been focusing on the topics of sustainability and biodiversity and accumulated a lot of valuable experience in the use of genomic technology to address food security. Both Marie Haga and Luigi Guarino affirmed the position of BGI Group in the development of global food and agriculture, and invited BGI Group Chairman Wang Jian to attend The Crop Trust’s 14th anniversary celebration at its headquarters in Germany to deepen cooperation.